Learn More About Our Dependable Landscaping Services

Are you thinking of renewing your landscape theme and features in Clinton, MD? Or, do you need someone that can do professional tree trimming service? For these things, you should hire me at Lip’s Persnickety Lawn Service LLC. I have been in the landscaping business for more than 20 years. I carry out work to meet or even exceed client expectations. The following are the services I offer:

  • Lawn Care – I am an expert when it comes to caring for lawn grass and plants. Expect me to do a thorough soil testing to amend the right nutrients. I also have the skills to mow grass for consistent health and appeal. I do these things using professional-grade tools for effective care.
  • Tree and Bush Trimming – You can also count on me for exceptional tree and bush trimming service. I have state-of-the-art tools to trim branches in a quick and efficient manner. I have the skills to trim trees and bushes for better growth and beauty.
  • Flower Planting – I have the knowledge and experience to plant various flower species. Expect me to use reliable gardening tools for proper service. I make sure to plant your flowers with both growth and property appeal in mind.
  • Stump Removal – I also have the right training and equipment to remove tree stumps. When providing such service, I bring powerful stump grinders. These let me do short work in removing your stumps. I do so in a seamless manner without affecting much of your landscape soil.
  • Landscape Design – You can also depend on me to design your ideal outdoor space. I have the specific know-how to design landscapes for various trends and styles. Expect me to do precise measurements for proper design plan drawing. I always pay attention to your design needs for desirable results.

You can depend on me at Lip’s Persnickety Lawn Service LLC for your tree and landscape needs in Clinton, MD. Residential and commercial customers in can also avail of my reliable services. I always strive to provide quality and affordable work for complete client satisfaction. I offer discounts for seniors, along with two free cuts for customers over 6 months. For landscape service and further inquiries, call me today at (301) 758-0693.